Nissan Skyline GT

Nissan's most powerful car the Skyline GT-R. Visit your leading Phoenix Nissan dealer today to learn more about the 2012 Nissan GT-R's standard and available features. What the GT-R doesn't have at any price are active safety features: This is a car designed to be driven by someone who wants to be fully engaged in the experience.

The 2018 GT-R carries over some of last year's big updates like a 20 horsepower bump, revised styling, and a more refined powertrain. The company's Le Mans race car, shown above, used a conventional 3.0-litre V6 petrol engine to drive the front wheels and was originally meant to use a hybrid system on the rears (ultimately, it couldn't be made to work in time to race).

In February 2002, the final production models of the R34 GT-R were released and named the Skyline GT-R V-Spec II Nür and the Skyline GT-R M-Spec Nür. To complement its powerful engine, the 2018 Nissan GT-R has a wealth of great performance features. The Track Edition gets a NISMO-tuned suspension with a thicked rear stabilizer bar, special lightweight wheels and a carbon-fibre rear spoiler.

Big grip and big power can put a hurting on a transmission, but the GT-R's five-speed is pretty stout. Revised ergonomics puts control at your fingertips, for an easier Nissan Skyline GT-R drive, while new hand-selected and hand-crafted materials create an environment that will get your pulse racing - even before you start the engine.

The R35 is designed from the ground up as a stand-alone model (it's no longer part of the Skyline family) and does not look like anything Nissan has ever made. With its 6-cylinder in-line DOHC 24-valve S20, this Nissan GT-R was the first domestic car to have disc brakes front and rear.

To the average enthusiast, however, it might simply look like a modified Nissan GT-R with an aftermarket rear spoiler and a new set of wheels. What's more, the GT-R's paddle shift controls now sit on the steering wheel, where they're easier to reach. The dual-clutch transmission has shed its driveline clatter, shift feel and timing is better, and the GT-R's steering has lightened up at low speeds, and lost the twitch it used to have on center.

It was still a time of great optimism, and if you were a Nissan fan, there was no greater proof positive of a bright future than the return of the GT-R. 4) Vehicle Dynamic Control: The Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) system is meant to send more power to the appropriate wheels in case of over-steer or under-steer.

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